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    How Sway

    How is ... going to ban me for saying "..." but not ban the person who reported me for calling me "...." multiple times.
    Last edited by Leander; 17 August 2018, 03:47 PM. Reason: see my reply below! If he insulted you too, send a support ticket and report the insult!

    Posting names and talking about bans in public is against the rules! If you have questions or would like to talk about something, contact support by sending an in-game support ticket!

    b) Privacy & identity:

    Do not post private messages without the written consent of all involved parties.
    Do not post private messages or emails sent to you by gamestaff.
    Fraud and defamation are forbidden.
    Do not post on behalf of banned forum members.
    Do not post with other accounts.
    Do not pose as another user or member of the support team.
    Do not talk about bans, warnings and banned or warned users. Example: "user x has been banned for x days", "why has user x been banned?"
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