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    Battle Mage

    Hey Team,

    I got a few questions about the new battlemage class.
    Will the new battlemage be able to compete against a Scout, espacially in the first 200 levels? I mean the scout could have lucky trys against other scouts or warriors.
    I allready played a few serverstarts and invested a lot, but i am not sure if a Battlemage is able to compete at the start.
    I allready know a few things about the battlemage.
    1. He will start with a Fireball, who is dealing up to 30% of dmg.
    Is this prefight or is it like his First attack?
    2. He has a 40% Spellshield that is giving u 40% Bonus armor. This means he would have if its simmilar to a mage 50% Total dmg reduction?
    3. He will carry a sword. Dont know what to expect of that.

    So is it worth to contest with the battle mage or not?

    If we are going to test it for u in the open beta a few more informations would be nice if someone wants to go crazy as battlemage.



    The fireball attack happens before the actual fight.
    All classes are balanced against other players.
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