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    stuning answer

    as a warrior mage i feel so strong now

    have fun, thx sir.
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      Originally posted by Leander View Post
      Good question! The fireball deals up to 33% damage in single player battles...but it depends on the opponent's level and hit points. If you are level 50 and the monster is level 40 the monster losts 33% of its hit points.

      However, if you attack the Demon's Portal the calculation is different. The monster does not lose 33%. If the level (I am not sure) is higher or the hit points (this is sure), the monster loses up to 33% of YOUR hit points.
      Example: you have 999 hit point while the monster has 10,000. The fireball deals up to 33% but of YOUR hit points because yours are lower. 1/3 of your hit points (999) = 333. The monster had 10,000, loses 333 and has a remaining 9,666.

      Guild fights are similar. You do not automatically deal 33% damage with your fireball but it depends on levels and hit points. If the opponent has more hit points the fireball deals up to 33% of YOUR hit points damage.
      This adjustement is necessary because otherwise a weak battle mage with his tiny fireball would automatically burn 33% of a high-level super hero's hit points.
      Just an idea, with this formula, battle mages who lack winged elixir are basicly punished twice. Other classes without elixir loose only HP but mattle mage loose dmg too. Thit does not seem right and especially for nonshroomers it makes playing BM more unpleasant than other classes. Imho that dmg reduction formula should somehow count with stamina itself, not HP.