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Special character avatars/classes?

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    Special character avatars/classes?

    First of all hi, I've played the game for a while some time ago but took a long pause; came back to play again just like b4 and this time checked out the forum a bit. Also, first post.

    I noticed something strange when looking through the HoF and didn't find anything related to it on the forum although there probably is something.
    Now I didn't play for a while now so I don't remember if I've seen this before or not, sorry if it is too plain obvious or dumb but it just bugged me when I saw it.

    Does anyone know what's with this and if so can you also explain please?

    Also, I've seen some players have a golden aura or frame thing around their character icon (sorry no photo attached but I think you know what I mean).
    I've seen that quite a lot now but it wasn't before, like a lot of other things.
    The thing is actually everything else that was new for me (probably also for most of the old players who started recently/after updates) was explained or at least I found something on the forum related to it, but these 2 things I still question.

    Some youtubers/streamers are 'sponsored' by Playa Games, the company that owns this game. Basically, PG gives those youtubers exclusive avatars for them to use in their accounts.

    About the Golden frame, you can unlock it by paying 1000 mushrooms. It doesn't give you any advantage, is literally just paying for that shiny border.


      Oh okay, I know who Playa Games are but didn't know these facts.. pretty relatable since it was mostly p2w and it seems it's kind of the same now too..

      Thank you for the clarification.