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S&F 2.0 & The End of Flash in 2020

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    S&F 2.0 & The End of Flash in 2020

    February 25: As announced earlier, we have discontinued the Flash/2.0 version and it does not work anymore. Please play Remastered. If the performance is not that good on your device, please disable HD graphics in the game options.
    For further support, please send a support ticket:

    As announced in July 2019, we will only release updates for Remastered due to the end of Flash in 2020!

    Current bugs in S&F 2.0/Flash:
    - Blacksmith: sometimes the message is displayed that you do not have enough resources although you do have them.
    - Dungeons, shops: epics have only armor but no attributes (the item should still add its bonus. It is only a display error, but the boost is correctly added.)

    News post on Remastered and the discontinuation of Flash and S&F 2.0, July 2019:
    Full text:
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