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Relentless attack by another user

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    Relentless attack by another user

    I am being attacked relentlessly by another user to "test" me. He has admitted to this and continues to attack on a regular basis. In the last 3 days I have been attacked over 20 times. He obviously wants me to not only retaliate but also for my guild to do so as he is looking for free points. (His own description asks for people to attack him.) It was my understanding that both guild attacks and arena attacks are limited to a certain number per a 24 or 48 hour period. Can someone please tell me what is to be done in this position? I have not responded to him since his original attacks a week ago and have not informed my guild of his presence either. But he is driving me nuts. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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    His attacks are not illegal. If he keeps attacking you just ignore him or politely ask him to stop. If he continues ignore him. After a few successful attacks he won't get xp or gold from you and therefore, they make no sense.
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      Thanks for the reply. That is my response at the moment- no response. It's been a week now and he may be taking honour from me on occasion but that is it. He has been asked politely to stop and now I am just pretending he is not there. Some people just are out there to get your goat no matter the format- real or pretend.
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        Sorry to say I have used this tactic, Is not about the gold or exp points, it is about increasing the bonus level for battles won.

        The only way this will stop is;

        he finds a new target
        you start beating him
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          Originally posted by 70f9 View Post
          you start beating him

          This is the best way


            Be happy. When people attack you, you can simply attack weaker people then you and make an easy dime on it.

            As long as you quickly use your money you will benefit from his attacks.

            You gotta see it like this: he attacks you.. you loose honor and rank lower, you attack someone who is pretty easy for you and make nice gold on it.
            He attacks you again and you repeat the process.

            If he did not attack you, you would have to attack others and win 50% of the time (theoretically) and if he attacks you, you attack someone else and win 100% of the time (theoretically). Its like you can attack 2x faster then normally.

            Its a win for you and a loss for him, but let him think otherwise.. its only good for you
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              Relentless attacks.

              Thank you every one for your thoughts. I appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately this has now escalated to attacks on members of my guild. I have told the guild in no uncertain terms not to respond to any attack from any member of the guild in question. And not to initiate any attack. I will not give someone gold or honour willingly just because they are trying to get my goat. They have obviously climbed to their heights through the buying of mushrooms and are bored. It is not the Mage Corps way of playing the game. But hey that is just us!

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