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    Protect Yourselves

    If you read in the forums, you notice where Merlination of Mage Corps has stated that one of his fellow mages had their account hacked. Unforunately, one of my fellow mages had the same thing happen too.

    Upon further digging, i also noticed one of my other guild mates equipment COMPLETELY removed, using only a Constitution potion, and the account information was posted up in his public area:


    ACCOUNT: gandalfs
    PASWORD: 7946135

    I checked the account information and it didnt work, so safely i feel i can post it here...but still sends a LOUD message that someone is doing stuff they shouldnt be. Honestly with this game i see no reason for these kind of tactics as theres nothing to gain, especially from sub lvl 100 players.

    This also happened to one of our players "Pluto"

    Someone hacked his account (also a mage ironically) and made him join the guild Barra Brothers.

    We did the "Forgot Password" mulitple times for him, and the password wouldn't work. Simply emailing the Support Team, they sent him a new password, and he was back in action

    I highly reccomend using strong passwords with capital letters, numbers and symbols as i have seen this happen multiple times now.

    Thanks Knytul for the heads up to others.

    I'm not sure if it's also a coincidence, but at the time of his account being hacked it was also just numbers for his password - 123456


      Hmmm. I don't like to beat up on a guild but that is 3 mages to Barra Bravas in a matter of days. Does anyone see a pattern? I have written support again and hope that this situation is remedied soon. Yes I agree maybe we all have to change our passwords to more difficult combinations. This is so unfair to those who have put time and energy into building characters. A real low blow.

      merlin Mage Corps

      mage corps the only way to fly


        Leander, i know our people have message'd in about this, as have Switcher's and Merlination's. Is it possible to at least get these 3 characters whose accounts have been compromised removed from Barra Bravas so they arent taking advantage of OUR guildmates? Leaving them Unguilded until the situations can be resolved.


          Also, to share with everybody else..some quick facts we do know:
          1) All hacked players have been Mages
          2) All these players have been pulled into Barra Bravas
          3) Only officers and Leader can invite players to guild
          4) Barra Bravas only has 1 leader, 2 officers

          Now, theres no proof that these 3 individuals are the ones hacking characters, but 90% chance someone in that guild is...and 100% chance one of these 3 is inviting these hacked characters.


            I am lucky in that the mage taken from us is back but with mushrooms and gear missing. But I agree with you let's get something done about this. Who knows how many others have been hacked? My mages have been informed that they need to change their passwords to more complex ones but how much more of this should we endure?
            mage corps the only way to fly


              Guys, it is against our rules to talk about other guilds and players in public "x has done this, y has done that"). Report such problems only by email: [email protected]
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