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    Advice needed!


    I am a level 14 Mage and my attributes are
    Strength : 90
    Dexterity : 71
    Intelligence : 167
    Constitution : 117
    Luck : 107
    Armor : 93

    I am very new to this and would welcome any suggestion/criticism or comments on where i stand and how i should be going.
    I do 2 guard when am in college and other while i sleep amounting to 16 hours of guarding.
    I take up tasks which give me the most experience as i earn a majority of gold from my shifts.
    I am totally blank on the idea of guilds. So also if anyone can explain why i should or shouldn't join a guild it would be much appreciated.
    So to cut a long story short...i want a guide
    Thank you in advance

    I would spend less on str, dex and luck

    for every 10 gold spent on int 8 should get spent on con, 5 for luck and 2 for str and dex.

    others might tell you a little bit different cost breakdown but the order of importance will be the same

    guilds give you added bonuses to gold and exp.

    you will also find a book in the magic shop get it when u see it as the more it is filled up the bigger bonus you get exp
    have fun, fight hard, die honorably


      Thanks for the number.....i will keep those in mind.
      I have found a scrapbook..which logs my encounter with new creatures.
      How do i join a guild.? It only shows me the option fr creating a new guild.
      I wont have enough time to lead a new guild :|


        mail different guild leaders and you can post in the character looking for guild for the server you are on here in the forums but not many ppl come here outside of me the forum staff and spammers.
        have fun, fight hard, die honorably


          Guess i would have to snoop up the forum to see who's recruiting.


            im just gonna fast forward thru the replies and give u my 2 cents.

            1) Guilds are awesome because they give you bonuses you cant get alone. Higher the bonuses, faster you level and get stronger. So aim high.
            2) As a Mage, heres how i calculate things. Keep in mind these #'s are approximates, not exacts to follow. Take a look at how much gold it costs to buy each point upgrade. For a mage i do this:

            Int: 100%
            Con: 80%
            Luck: 40%
            Dex/Str: 20%

            So say your next int point costs 10,000 gold. Youd want Int at 10,000. Con at 8,000. Luck at 4,000. Dex and Str around 2,000. Depending what dungeons your doing, guild fights are needed, and also what kind of gear you are wearing, you can adjust accordingly. But as a Level 300+ war, i follow this math pretty closely. Sometimes buying more into str, sometimes more into luck, or con, or even the secondaries dex and int as defense against mages and scouts.


              Yep got the gist. I found a guild too....nw i bug the guild laeder fr any questions
              Thanks for the math up there...more and more ppl tell the same thing. So it must be pretty solid strategy