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    Sorry to hear the screenshot got deleted.

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      Originally posted by BMWGuinness View Post
      I have no way of recovering that screen capture.
      BMWGuinness, ok, you can't recover the lost screenshot, but you can still tell us the useful tip. So what is it?


        If you guys need, iv recorded all the twister up to 1000(maybe im missing some here and there because of missclicking) . But im a mage...maybe you guys are loking for explorers.


          Considering i'm a mage myself, i'd definitely watch it if you could upload it. Wonders how far i am from passing the big barrier and then completing it.


            Here it is.
            Is only from lvl 400 to 448...tedious process of cuting all fights xD Some other day ill post the rest


              Originally posted by bobo baggins View Post
              yeah I finally beat that bald fatty and just beat shadow easteros 6/20 this morning. will be awhile before I clear either a twister lvl or easteros as well.
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              This is a Strategy and Tactics forum, please respect the users who want to actually read something useful. Posting a 2 page long quote of another user just to say you beat a boss is not for this place. A simple thanks is enough,

              Thanks for understanding everyone
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              have fun, fight hard, die honorably