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    Originally posted by sharshooter View Post
    Even if you make 2000 gems per day - it's impossible to upgrade all items in reasonable period of time. I don't even think about our tower's crew.
    How do you define "reasonable"?

    - Pets will take about 1,5 year to collect all ( NOT level them )
    - Fortress will take about 2 years to level all ( assuming no down time )
    - Toilet will take about 4 years to max out ( assuming using mostly gems )
    - Shadow dungeons will take forever to complete ( the only people who might have done this are definitely playing for more than 4 years )
    - Twister will take forever to complete ( even those above have not done it yet )

    I don't think you're meant to max out your items until you're at the end game ( 370+ ), where getting a new item is like a religious event - it only happens once or twice per year. For lower levels, something like halfway sounds fair and relatively achievable. For low levels ( sub-100) there is no point in bothering with upgrading more than once, since you'll be dumping that item within the week or so.

    And assuming you've been there for long enough, all your items are maxx'd out, so when you get your shiny new item you have all the resources to get it more than halfway to fully upgraded the moment you get it.

    PS - just to make it clear: I would *love* for improvements to get cheaper (either by lowering prices or increasing dismantling rewards), however I think that improving to max should NOT be something everyone does for every item.
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