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Underworld :: Basic souls per herolevel

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  • Gashop
    didnt see u had a bounty allready. good work so far

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  • LucaBlack
    No one has information? Dude... XD

    Check here :
    Last spoiler: "Attack Booty". I'm filling it as fast as I can and that's why I ask help from the community too

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  • Gashop
    started a topic Underworld :: Basic souls per herolevel

    Underworld :: Basic souls per herolevel

    Hey guys,
    since no one has any information i try to store as many information i can.

    The amount of souls u get by heros, depents on the run u are having.

    I would like to now, how much is the basic soul amount of each Level.
    The torture chamber just increases the basic by 10 percent which means.
    level 1 = 10 Percent
    level 2 = 20 Percent
    level 3 = 30 Percent

    so the main point is to figure out whats the basic amount of souls.

    For example.

    Basic amount Level 7 Hero is 385 souls.
    Basic amount Level 8 Hero is 400 souls.

    it would be nice to get a pool of information.