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    Undo transactions


    something that I am really hoping for but don't expect to see anytime soon -

    it would be great to be able to undo transactions for a set amount of time (even just 10 minutes!), so if you sell an item by mistake, buy something by mistake, feed the wrong pet, etc you can take it back.

    This applies tons of times more now that dismantling is around, since there is at least one incident I know (from a guildie who probably needed sleep) where he dismantled an item instead of improving it.

    It need not be applied to everything at once, the simplest UI would be a list of things you did in the last 10 mins, and clicking on something takes it back.
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    I would love to see that too. Doesn't even have to be 10 minutes, 5 minutes is more than enough as usually i sell by mistake.


      Thanks for your suggestion! It won't be easy to implement though.

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