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Some Suggestions (Companions,Pets,Blacksmith and Others)

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    Some Suggestions (Companions,Pets,Blacksmith and Others)

    I have some suggestions.I didn't want to post each one in different threads.I don't know if they were suggested before,I am sorry if they were.I have 2 toons (336 level and 190 level) so I am in different situations which I mentioned below.I am not a native English speaker,so excuse me for my mistakes.

    1st and most important one:Unfair pet matches.

    2.Displaying pet hall of fame rank of opponents

    3.No effect of potion of eternal life on tower companions

    4.Witch enchantments on companions

    5.Luck-epic shower.And their ridiculously low resource rewards at blacksmith

    6.Costs of gem extractions from epic items

    7.Displaying how much resources an item worths

    8.Attack order in guild and pet fights

    9.An option to block button flashing

    10.Displaying thirst and possible quests while at cityguard

    11.Fortress Resource Protection
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    Thanks for your suggestions!

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      Unless is some typo error, the Eternal life potion has effects on tower companions.
      I agree with most of the options.
      The only one i dont think is good is in the fortress. I mean...depends on who you ask Because now you can make multiplayer attacks with friends when you cant defeat an enemies alone. On my server there were some "sharks" who stole resources from our members, so we joined forces and took him out xD
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        Actually I am also not sure about fortress one.Maybe it could be 5 mins instead of 10.But it feels pointless to have defenses when you defend your resources successfully but lose them anyway.
        For potion of eternal life one,I didn't mean you don't get %25 life bonus on companions,you do get it.But if you'd drink some other potion (str dex or luck in your case) instead of PoEL,your companions will get ALL their stats boosted.Even when you drink str potion for example,their dex,int,cons and luck will increase.It doesn't work with PoEL.
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