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    Message to all guild members

    I started playing SF this april and I AM really enjoying it indeed.
    What I am missing is a way to message all my guild members at once.

    The message system is user unfriendly to the max. Everytime I look somebody up at the hall of fame and message him, I have to look him up again in the hall of fame to message him again.

    I cant see my own messages. Why is that?

    Those all things are pain in the a*s when communicating with other players, but all I am asking for now is a little box which I could click. When ticked as yes (turned on), the next message i would write would be addresed to all my guild members. So i do not have to message them separately. (Come on, there is 49 other members in my guild, how did nobody complain yet or came up with the idea.)

    You can send a PM to the whole guild by clicking "Mail" and then on "Guild". Only actual guild members will receive this message but not invited players.

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