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Regarding the Achievements

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    Regarding the Achievements

    I like the addition of the Achievements but i have one issue with it: you can't look into the Achievements of other players at least a guild officer should be able to look into the Achievements of the guild members simply for the reason that it would make it easier to coordinate who can do the Naturism Achievement.

    Currently we have a day at which we don't attack to let some people do it but it is really annoying to keep track of it especially if we want to invite players into the guild and then they don't have it.

    Additionally if you would allow officers to look into the Scrapbook that would also leave the possibility to make a detailed report of the players activity during a week, a report page, instead of the current system where you have to click though the guild and write everything down week after week.

    I agree. Being able to look at a player's achievements is handy for guild leaders and officers to know if a player would be a good guild member or not.

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      What would be even better would be to have reports for officers, but I understand that that would be tons more work.

      IE level / gold growth over time, both single player and overall guild and tons more ... if only there was an API with that data!
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