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Changing Goblin fighters to workers

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    Changing Goblin fighters to workers

    It seems to be a reccuring problem. Playa knows how to create a decent system, sometimes even amazing (like the Fortress), but they do not concentrate enough on what's gonna happen with it after a year or two.

    In Fortress you could always mine for gems or battle each other out. Here you will reach the point where you won't be able to spend souls on anything.

    So we basically need a soul spender. Hence the idea of:


    So my suggestion is the following - leave everything in the UI as it is.
    Just make goblins not fighting units, but mining units, that you train.

    It would work the following way:

    Upgrading the building would give you the ability to train more Goblins.
    Goblins would have to be recruited using souls.
    They would by default be working (they only work).
    After a while a goblin would vanish and you would receive:
    - nothing (mostly)
    - gold (that would be added to gold mine)
    - item (that would be added to inventory)
    - epic (veery rarely)
    - relic (that blacksmith could scrap for a nice chunk of resources)
    - gem (also very rarely and based on gem mine)
    - soulstone (that you would absorb and increase one random stat by one point - but it would work as if you would train it with gold)

    I'd prefer the shroom dealer have a device that converts wood, stone and souls into gold with a "transactional fee" of shrooms.

    1 shroom = 10:1 conversion (resources:gold)
    10 shrooms = 1:1 conversion (resources:gold)
    #1 International Hall of Fame Attained
    1st Complete Arena Manager in the World
    1st Complete Underworld in the World
    1st Complete Fortress in the World
    1st Complete (New) Scrapbook in the World
    1st to find all Pets in the World
    1st Deep Mine Master in the World
    1st to Gem Mine Level 100 in the World
    1st to Gold Pit Level 100 in the World

    Any staff or sponsored players with access to free/unlimited mushrooms are null and void for any achievements


      Pretty nice suggestions! I concur


        Interesting idea, thanks! Will forward it to the devs!

        Shakes & Fidget Community Manager

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