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  • rvm1975
    It will be really great if you create separate topic for each idea.

    Another thing - add 2 options Like, Do not like

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  • Stables, low level players, guild promotion/inactive players, beer deposit, additiona

    Achievements for low levels
    Beer deposit
    Guild finder, inactive guild
    Additional attack option in fortress
    Hello, I will present you a few ideas. I will divide them into 2 categories: promoting new players and promoting cooperation.

    Promoting new players

    Idea 1
    1. Stable - mount testing (one-time option)

    Player gets 15 mushrooms to start and 10 for account verification. That gives 25 mushrooms overall. Most often players buy the best mount for 25 mushrooms and they end up with 0 mushrooms. I suggest making one-time option to test mount for all kind of mounts. Those purchased for gold will be hired for free as well as those purchased for mushrooms. This will be a one-time option (1 time for each mount, 4 overall).

    By doing this, new player will be able to keep 25 mushrooms for another spending like better items for mushrooms or to reduce building time.

    Idea 2
    2. Additional awards for achievements for low levels

    Level ranges :


    1st place for :
    a) Eager Mind - the most gained experience from an academy in a fortress
    b) Underground King - the most gained gold from underground (gold mine + attacks from underworld gates)
    c) Gladiator - the most attacks on players (arena)
    d) Commander - the most attacks on fortresses
    e) Workaholic - the most gained gold from the city guard
    f) Strong Man - the strongest hero:
    Mage - the biggest intellect value + bonus from items (without potions)
    Warrior - the biggest strength value + bonus from items (without potions)
    Scout - the biggest agility value + bonus from items (without potions)

    Overall 6 achievements. The awards will be granted each month. Every player may get the achievement once, as an example if a player will get achievement gladiator (the most attacks on players) then the second time he cannot get this award in a level range in which he was but he still can get a reward for other achievements. In a month player can get more than 1 achievement e.g for the most attacks on players (arena) and the most gained gold from the city guard in his level range.

    The statistics who have the best scores will not be visible for players (not to discourage players which try to get a reward).

    Reward examples :

    a) 1st place for the most experience gained from the academy (fortress) :

    Your academy produces 50% more experience and functions also when you expand it (for example 5th level academy in progress to 6th level will give 5th level academy +50% increased experience, after it reaches the 6th level it will give 6th level +50% more from 6th level). Also, the limit of your academy max experience increases twice. Duration: 30 days. During this effect your experience gained from academy does not count towards eager mind achievement.
    In addition, eager mind frame.

    b) 1st place for the most gold gained from underground (gold mine + underworld gates)

    Your goldmine produces 50% more gold and its gold limit increases twice. You get 3 additional attacks in underworld gates every day. The same as in academy during expanding gold mine the gold is still produced and we have still 3 attacks if we are expanding our underworld gates. Duration: 30 days. During this effect, your gold gained from gold mine and underworld gates does not count towards underground king achievement.
    In addition, the underground king frame.

    c) 1st place for the most attacks (arena)

    Reduce the time required to attack the player from 10 minutes to 5 minutes and an additional 50% to gold gained from an arena. (If we will win attack and we will get for example 890gold from the player then we get also bonus 445gold so we will get 1335gold - rounding up). Duration 30 days. During this effect, your attacks number does not count towards gladiator achievement.
    In addition, the gladiator frame.

    d) 1st place for the most attacks on fortresses

    Your warrior recruitment time is reduced by 50% and their maximum number is increased by 50%. Your time required to attack fortress is also reduced from 5 minutes to 2,5 minutes. The same as in case of the academy during expanding barracks you can still attack the fortress. Duration 30 days. During this effect your number of attacks on fortresses does not count towards commander achievement.
    In addition, the commander frame.

    e) 1st place for the most gold gained from the city guard

    Gold gained from city guard increase by 100%. Duration 30 days. During this effect, your gold gained from city guard does not count towards the workaholic achievement.
    In addition, the workaholic frame.

    f) 1st place for the strongest hero

    Increase your basic stat value by 50% :
    Mage - intelligence +50%
    Warrior - strength +50%
    Scout - agility +50%
    Duration: 30 days. This bonus is treated like a bonus from a potion of eternal life and does not count towards strong man achievement. During this effect player can use potions, 50% bonus and potions cumulate (max 50% bonus to basic stat value + 25% overall bonus from a potion).
    In addition, the strong man frame.

    Character frames :
    Player gets a title and a frame. The titles would be placed in the frame and visible at the bottom between the experience bar and the picture of the character. The frames would be different for example eager mind it could add some clouds around your character with the title under character (eager mind) and the underground king could add lava and fire around your character and under character title (underground king). The frames would disappear after 30 days along with the end of the period of bonuses for 1st place.

    This would be some kind of adding values for buildings and options in the game which are rarely used by players. The awards are quite big and last 30 days but I think those boosts must be this big in order to encourage players to use the various functions that this game offers.

    Promoting cooperation

    Idea 3
    3. Suggested guilds and inactive guilds liquidation.

    Option for players which search for guild, want to join guild or which were removed from guild and searching for new one. It would work as follow : the average player level of guild will be automatically calculated and based on this result the suggested guilds will pop up in which they have free slots. For example average player level in guild is 100 so player which have lvl 100 and above will see this guild in suggested ones if there will be free slots available.
    Inactive guild would be deleted automatically if any member of this guild was active for a period of 30 days.

    This would be a simple facilitation for those looking for a guild and above all for a new players.

    Idea 4
    Beer deposit
    The idea was taken from stil12333 - "piwo na koszt gildii".

    I suggest only the change of way it functions.

    Beer deposit - once daily in different day periods when we click on barman there will pop up beer deposit option. The condition for this option will be to be in any guild if you're not in a guild you won't have it. The price of the deposit will be calculated based on player level. A player which is on a low level will have to pay less than a player on a higher level. Deposit will cost an equivalent of 8h reward from city guard - not to make it so easy. In a case when a player will not have that amount of gold he can pay 1 mushroom instead.
    If more than half of players of the certain guild have paid beer deposit (60%) then all players belonging to that guild (also those who haven't donated) will receive an item "beer" which will be put to a player bag. Item "beer" after dragging it into character portrait will give +20 thirst of adventure.
    Players which will not have a free space in their bags will not receive this item. Guild members will receive this item after last required to fill "beer deposit" will donate.
    Functioning :
    Under the beer deposit button we will have a bar that shows how much beer deposits guild need to make in order to get item "beer". If for example, we are in a guild which consists of 40 players then we will require 24 beer deposits to receive beer. After guild reaches this goal all members will get beer item to their inventory.
    If guild will not fill beer deposit requirements then their paid gold or mushrooms shall return back to them.
    Guilds already promote cooperation in themselves but this option would promote cooperation to a greater extent. Even low-level players would matter in this activity - which is good for them and it will also be a small boost to make this game more friendly for new players.

    Idea 5
    Additional attack option in a fortress

    As we know, attacks on fortress are incomparably less favourable than passive revenues from the mines. So I suggest adding a new attack option in the fortress - attack lord.

    The best it would be to add 100 lord castles to the game.

    The players objective will be creating and joining teams and attacking lords castles starting from the weakest and ending on strongest.

    The weakest lords will have castles which could be defeated by a single player. The level of troops in lords castle cannot exceed the maximum level available for players so if I remember correctly 150lvl but the number of defenders could be bigger than maximum available for the player. In a case when a player would attack lord castle which has a castle such strong that it can't be defeated by a single player which have maximum upgraded warriors and barracks in fortress then this message pops up: suggested number of players xx - and in this situation, a player cannot attack alone.

    Of course, it will be a possibility to make a team in order to defeat lords castles which are weaker and which could be defeated by a single player.

    Joining to defeat a lord would be based on the principle of invitations - the same as guild invitations. The condition that the invited player would have to fulfil is the possession of a fortress on the same level as his companions - by this, I mean main building "fortress" because rest of the buildings would not have to be the same. For example, a player which have a fortress at 5 lvl could invite another player which have fortress level between 1-5. In a case when message "suggested number of players" won't pop up then the maximum number of players in a team is 5. I suggest that last lords castles required 100+ players in the team with maxed out warriors and barracks to defeat lord castle.

    Once defeated lord cannot be attacked again.

    Suggested rewards:

    1. For defeating weaker lords in which message: suggested number of players won't pop up - wood and stone + hourglasses which would reduce building time. (Example: hourglass - reduce building time of any building by 1 hour.

    2. For defeating stronger lords with the suggested number of players (mainly for those who have maximum lvl fortress)
    - gold (equivalent of 10 hours city guard and for stronger ones 20h,30h etc.)
    - item beer (for example beer +50 thirst of adventure one-time use)
    - magical shard: use of it change any wanted gem stats for example blue gem +612 strength can be changed to yellow gem +612 to agility or red or pink - don't work with black gems +xxx to all stats.

    This idea is aimed at integrating players and joining them. It is up to player teams how many soldiers a certain team member will decide to send and at what level.
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