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    The Well

    Make use of well located in the city

    1. What will it be for?
    General idea of the well is to store items such as gems, pupil feeds, wood&stone items and elixirs.

    Why to have it?

    Because all those items can be called as "misc" not that much space consuming like armor or weapon for example (but in shakes&fidget, unfortunately, they count as 1 slot space). We have 20 available slots but many players have half of that space filled with gems.

    2. Mechanics

    We click on well in the city and we enter it.
    We see the well inside graphic and a rat which say:

    "Hello stranger, I can help you if you can help me. Give me food and I will keep your misc items here, in the safest place in this city. If you want your items back feed me again."

    3. Food for rat:

    We will get it by defeating enemies in tavern and dungeons. For every 1 defeated enemy in tavern we will get 1 food, for every defeated enemy in a dungeon we will get 50 food. The amount of food we have will be displayed when we enter the well. There will be a maximum limit of 1.000.000 food that we can have at a time.

    When we click on a rat the menu will pop up with 5 store options :

    - Enter storage
    - Store gem
    - Store elixir
    - Store pupil feed
    - Store wood/stone

    Enter storage option is free - we don't have to pay to have access to it. Other services will cost:

    Store gem - 100 food or 1 mushroom
    Store elixir - 50 food or 1 mushroom
    Store pupil feed - 10 food or 20 quicksands
    Store wood/stone - 5 food or 10 quicksands

    To store an item we click appropriate option and then we have to choose an item we want to store by simply clicking on it, then the window will pop up asking us if we want to store that item for xx food amount. When we accept it the amount of food will be taken from our balance and item will be stored.

    To withdraw item we have in storage we will need to pay:

    Withdraw gem - 200 food or 2 mushrooms
    Withdraw elixir - 100 food or 1 mushroom
    Withdraw pupil feed - 20 food or 40 quicksands
    Withdraw wood/stone 10 food or 20 quicksands

    We also need to have at least 1 free slot in our bag in order to withdraw.

    4. Storage capacity

    We click on a rat and we will have 42 slots available.

    Other changes:

    Elixirs will be stacked to a maximum number of 100. Example:

    The same with pupil feeds, wood/stone. Gems won't stack.

    Other options:

    Storage upgrade ("well on roids") - cost 20 mushrooms, last 30 days.
    Gives you:

    - decrease withdraw cost by 100% (withdraws cost the same amount as store option)
    - you can store items too (costs 100 food or 1 mushroom store / 100 food withdraw or 1 mushrooms)

    Storage upgrade 2 ("bottomless well") - cost 100 mushrooms, last 30 days.
    Gives you:

    - no store and withdraw costs
    - you can store items too

    When storage upgrade expires you still be able to withdraw items which you put in storage but you won't be able to put items to storage untill you buy storage upgrade again.

    5. Rat overgrowth:

    A rat will be the only one NPC in a city which is non-human.
    As we will feed the rat using raw meat taken from our enemies the rat will have a food limit. Every 2000 food given to rat (rabies level), it will turn into a monster.
    When the rat turns into a monster when we enter the well we don't have access to our storage until we defeat him.

    If we play warrior the rat will be a class warrior, if mage then rat is mage etc...
    The rat will have the same lvl as we have and 10x the statistics we have (not counting stats from elixirs and items + gems)

    It's hard for me to calculate how easy or hard it will be to defeat but I suggest that we won't be able to kill him at first try, we will need to attack him several times in order to defeat him.
    We will be able to fight him once a day and he will regenerate 20% of his total life every day.
    When we defeat him, the rat will turn into normal rat and have 0/2000 rabies level, we will get back access to our storage.
    We won't get any rewards for killing this rat except turning him into normal rat and reducing rabies level from over 2000 to 0.
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      The overall idea is really good.
      You've put some thought into it.

      However I am at the point in the game where none of these options seem good to me. I wouldn't have use to any of this.

      But I will say, people would like to store items worth 10 million. There should be an option for them.


        Originally posted by Arturu View Post
        The overall idea is really good.
        You've put some thought into it.

        However, I am at the point in the game where none of these options seem good to me. I wouldn't have use to any of this.

        But I will say, people would like to store items worth 10 million. There should be an option for them.
        Can you specify why you wouldn't have use for any of this?
        Are you talking about storage upgrades or storage as a whole?

        I really don't think that even for you the storage would be useless if we think about tower and followers. Even if you finished tower you still have dark dungeons where followers are needed.
        Let's do a simple math :
        You have 20 slots available.
        You want to have a "ready"gem for your potential better item you will get, some people need 3 if they change inventory more often. You need 1 slot for this new item.
        You need also an additional 3 gems for followers and 3 slots for their new items.
        2+6=8 - if you are very economical with your storage
        4+6=10 - let's say it's value for an average player
        You will also need at least 1 slot for pupil feed and 1 slot for wood or stone, I'm not counting dungeon key slot...
        So, yes 20 slots can be enough for you if you use your free slots in a economic way: 10 or 12 slots needed. I'm not counting elixirs!
        But what if you want more freedom? You will need more than 20 slots. I will explain why:

        a) You don't know which better item you will get - depending on its stats you would like to pick a certain gem, for example, you play scout:
        Drops gloves with stats :
        +200 dexterity
        +200 endurance
        +200 constitution
        You have 4 options - to choose gem adding to endurance, dexterity, luck or black gem to add all stats. If you have all 4 of them ready you could calculate which will be the best for your character and make use of it and when another second better item will arrive you may want to change gem for your previous item too if second adds to stat you already have.
        b) You are forced to play using one set of items for fighting all the enemies
        If you would have more free space you could have more than 1 set of items and depending on the enemy you could change your gear in order to counter that monster.
        The same with your followers you could change their gear to better counter a certain monster.
        This will definitely add more strategy for this game.
        c) pupils - if we talk about pupils you have 3 food limit per pupil and sometimes you don't want to feed weak pupils or random pupils just to make free slots in your inventory. So, those people who want to feed their strongest pupil will require more than 3 slots for pupil feeds.
        d) wood/stone - probably this will be a very rare situation but after all some players would like not to use immediately their wood/stone item but make use of it some other time. There just could have too much resources or they want to keep it and add when they will upgrade a certain building, to protect their resources better from enemies.
        e) you could mine more gems by avoiding the situation in which you decide not to mine a gem because you don't have free slots for them.
        f) you could collect more elixirs for future use
        g) you want to keep items for the witch or blacksmith
        h) you'll get enough space if there will be updates and added something new which will require more free slots in your bag
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          - wood and stone - ok
          - 10kk items for Witch - ok
          - pots - ok for f2p player
          - excessive uniques - almost never happens, you need some now for daily missions
          - spare gems - you should have a couple, true
          - pet food - useful for the first 12-18 months

          Now I don't need pots, i keep all of them running.
          Fortress is finished, I don't get 10kk items. I use only black gems and have rarely an upgrade so 3 is enough.
          I don't level only one pet at a time, I use spare food on the next pet.

          I might use a big storage for normal 2,5kk items for Witch, but then storage would have to be extremely cheap.