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Mail and sorting changes

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    Mail and sorting changes

    Hello, I suggest 2 changes for mail functioning.

    1. Change messages into conversations in mail -> mail.

    Now when we send a message to someone we don't see our text that we have sent already. I suggest making it this way:

    - we send a message to someone - this will pop up in our mail -> mail (but without blinking button), when the receiver will answer this will change automatically into a conversation. Every conversation will count as 1/100 messages (it would work like in messenger), we will be able to see our messages and replies, all of them at once.
    Every other person to whom we send a message will have a separate conversation tab.
    We could increase the limit to 20 messages in a single conversation - so 20x100= 2000 total messages for mail.

    The problem with the present system is that it won't show us the text we have sent.

    2. mail -> battles

    Make an option for players to divide battles into 3 folders:


    Someone who doesn't like to have a mess in his mail will have an option to store those battles in folders which suits them.

    3. Hall of fame

    Add an option to be able to sort players by their:

    - level (once clicked at lvl will segregate players from highest to the lowest level, double-click - from lowest to highest.
    - honor (the same sorting option like for level)

    Now we have only one option to sort by rank.