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Open beta on all servers

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    Open beta on all servers

    I don't think creating new "normal" servers for beta is very good idea.
    Much better was using for this, or creating new server where you can create your character (you choose level and random stats) as you want at the beggining.

    Cons new server to beta:
    - longer time of beta version (it will take lot of time to unlock all things: pupils, tower, underworld, guild dungeon and portal),
    - fewer number of testers,
    - servers will be full of mistakes, the players won't have the same chances in getting top. It will be one huge chaos.

    - ...a little more money for Playa

    It's just a few arguments. Do you really want to test it fastly, or get chance and earn money even on such stupid! and important thing as beta version?

    If you want to make it fast - make true beta server or let us testing on our own. At the beggining let players choose their level they should test. You can give them random stats, or let them play with it.
    You can make random characters and ask people for testing them.

    Trust me, it will be much more faster than new servers...

    I don't get your arguments at all. The game was completely recoded, so implementing it on a new or older server is almost the exact same thing if we're talking about the number of bugs, etc. And the new server is also perfect for it because people that are joining it now that they're going to be the so called "beta testers", and have been warned about the potential of bugs during their game experience. Imagine being in an old server and, suddenly, you have a complete new version with lots of bugs...


      Okay, so that's why I wrote about giving you chance to "test" level that intrest you.
      Something like creating "false" server, with for example 50 000 fake accounts with different levels, stats and progress in the game.

      You get it randomly or test what you want - for example character that just get chance to get underworld.


        It will be available for all servers after some more testing. As Remastered replaces the normal version we do not want to test it on all servers at the same time.

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          can't you upload it to there are high lvl, so we can test everything
          or you can upload it to every server and we would be able to access it with url xx.sfgame.xx/?platform=unity or xx.sfgame.xx/?platform=beta, same as flash and html5


            Originally posted by Leander View Post
            It will be available for all servers after some more testing. As Remastered replaces the normal version we do not want to test it on all servers at the same time.
            Yes Leander, after some more testing. But if I understand it well, then developers want to test EVERYTHING before giving it for all servers. And that "everything" means fortress, underworld, dungeons, portals, twister, ... So "some more testing" means "few months or more, maybe one year".

            Originally posted by Leander View Post
            When does open beta end?
            It will end once all major problems have been fixed. Then Shakes & Fidget Remastered will go live on all worlds and will become the new standard version while the old Flash version will still be available as an alternative.
            This would be possible from the start. So EVERYONE with different levels can try it and looks for the bugs. But better give it as an alternative then the first choice. And after some testing just change it, so it becomes the first choice and flash becomes alternative.
            But I understand you don't want this (as we saw last big update where was the bug with dismantling weapons that went through toilet).

            That's the reason why promucha writes about a test server and I think it's a brilliant idea. You can choose your level and test your character. You don't go to play on beta (test) server to be in a top but to find all bugs. That's the main reason for beta version, isn't it? Well, at least it should be...

            Playa could do beta-testing in two quick ways but they chose the third way - way that is much much longer. Again - way that they hope they earn plenty of money, because players will want to try it...

            BTW I will play on that new server. But just to find out if they repaired the bug I reported FIVE MONTHS AGO. And it will take WEEKS before I will be able to find it out!
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              as posted in the german forum, why they want first a new server.

              They want to get rid of the starting bugs first and don't get this many bugs from low to high-end content at once and don't know where to fix first.

              After the starting bugs are gone, they will do the rollout to the other server, so they can go on for the high-end bugs ...

              sorry read this article only afterwards
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                I posted the FAQ below yesterday!

                W27 & Open Beta - FAQ:

                Will the new server W27 be reset after open beta?

                No, it will continue running. As the server code remains unchanged and “only” the client has been coded from scratch almost all potential bugs will be display bugs only. Therefore, playing the classic Flash version will be possible too.

                Why is open beta only available for the new worlds ( and and not for all of them?

                Because this would result in more bug reports than we can handle. As we will not receive reports on high-level characters and content, we can focus on general bugs and low-level gameplay.

                Has account registration been changed?

                Yes! You no longer need to enter an email address and password but just start playing. Only at level 10 will you be prompted to validate your account. This change should make the start of the game easier for new players.

                If you would like to validate your account earlier or do something that requires a validated account (for example buying mushrooms), click the bottom-left gear icon/game options and select “Save character”.

                You also find this information in the W27 section:

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                  Okay, Leander thanks for the answers and adding FAQ.
                  You can close the topic