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Soft server connections after w30 release

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    Soft server connections after w30 release

    Hi, I want to share with you my idea of connecting shakes&fidget servers.

    Overall assumptions:

    Step 1:

    - international and a specific country servers will never be connected
    - international server will be linked with another international servers and country with country servers
    - merge hall of fame in international servers but keep rankings of a specific servers (2 options avilable show overall statistics or show specific server statistics)
    - merge hall of fame in country servers
    - players will be able to attack those from another servers for example: player from an international w27 server will be able to attack players from international from 1-26 and there will be a chance to get opponents from different servers in suggested players arena fights
    - players will be able to attack those from different servers also in fortress fights and underworld
    - players will be able to send messages to players from different servers (international to international and country to country)
    - guild fights between different servers will be disabled


    If step 1 will be a success, then step2 will be implemented.

    - player server transfer
    If someone wants to change server there will be a possibility to do that but there will be on this conditions:

    - you can't change your character server to first 3 newest servers for example:
    international w1 player will be able to change server on which he's playing to w2 and after 1 month to w3 and so on but after he will be on w24 he will not be able to move to w25-7 (for now as there is 27 international servers)
    - player who plays on server which is from first 3 newest will not be able to change server
    - server change option will be a free option with the cooldown duration of 1 month
    - you can't change server to older for example you play on w23 - you can't switch to w1-22, so you can only change to w24 as w25-7 are first 3 newest
    - server change will be free every 1 month


    If step1 and step2 will be a success then step 3 will be implemented.

    When population of ACTIVE players in a certain server will decrease to 10000 then all active characters will be automatically moved to another server. This will occur always from older to newer server so first it will be:
    international w1 reaches below 10000 active players - those 10000 active will switch to w2 as it is newer server

    Non-active player definition - a player who not logged-in for 30days.

    How it will be conducted?

    - Game Master or a person responsible will notice that on specific server there is less than 10000 active players and then he will send alert to all players on that server with the information that they need to move from w1 to w2 as on w1 there is not enough active players

    This alert will not be sent to player message box but this will be an independent red ribbon with text (it even can shine and flash) which will pop up above character portrait

    After clicking this player will have a confirmation box to transfer a character from w1 to w2 - transfer from red ribbon message will always be free

    What about guilds after transfer?

    Guilds will be moved first. All players which are guild leaders GM will treat with the highest priority - those wouldn't have a red ribbon message but they will be moved by GM automatically to another server.
    So guilds from w1 will be moved to w2 with their leaders automatically. Other members requirement will be to accept red ribbon message, then they will automatically join their guild on w2 (if there will still be a place for them).

    What if someone won't accept red ribbon message?

    There will be a 30 days waiting period before a server will be switched off. If someone will not accept after 30 days then his character will be automatically saved by GM in another server.

    As an example, after deleting a server there will be a numeration change so w1 will be deleted first then w2 become w1:

    w1 - not enough active players - server deleted after 30 days.

    After deleting:

    w1 to w26 (w26 is w27)

    What will be with saved characters?

    If your character will be deleted from the server because you didn't accept red ribbon message then you will have a restore option in a log-in tab. All you will need to do is to click restore a character and enter your name and password - then your character will be restored on a newer server. You had a character on w1 and w1 is deleted? Then you log-in again on w1 and click restore button (why w1 I will explain in step4)

    How about guild invitations and characters moving from old servers?

    Guild leader will be able to invite new players on a server to which he was transferred but the higher priority will have a player who uses restore option. So if guild leader invited many people to his guild then last invited person will be deleted from the invitation tab and player who used restore option will be automatically a member of this guild as he was previously. If guild have maximum members cap then this player will not be in that guild and if after it there will be a free slot in that guild this player will need to get an invitation.

    After w31 will be hosted this idea will be implemented. So, in fact, there will be 30 international servers and w31 will become w30 because w1 with the lowest active players will be deleted.

    Every new server will be hosted this with the lowest active players will be deleted.


    If there will be a situation let's say that on servers from w1-20 there will be less than 10000 active players then we can make only 10 international servers, so every month one by one old servers will be deleted and every 2 months (as an example) new one will be hosted - this way we will slowly make a situation in which there will be no servers on which there are less than 10000 active players.

    Overall summary of my idea:

    + increase gaming experience (high number of active players on every server)
    + more players to attack in arena, fortress and underworlds
    + hall of fame won't change but you will have an option to see overall ranking from all servers as well
    + even if you stop playing and come after a year or more you will be able to restore your character by selecting the oldest server
    + you will be able to send messages to players from different servers
    + new servers still will be hosted and this won't change money income for playa
    + possible reduction of servers after some time will results that playa will have to pay less to maintain their servers and they will be able to host their servers on better hosts improving our gaming experience (even on highly populated servers)
    + lvl 1 characters and all inactive players will disappear from all servers except the newest one (only those active will use restore option and start playing)

    - moving players from older servers to newer will cause that top players from newer server will lose their ranks but I think it is a fair deal because you play longer - you just deserve to have a better character. Second thing is that after moving old server to newer there will be more competition between older and younger players. This shock decrease of ranks for newer players will be a very fair deal because it will occur not too often and time periods between two servers won't be so huge (1-3 months difference max)
    Last edited by żyd; 21 October 2018, 10:13 PM.

    Thanks for your suggestion!

    Shakes & Fidget Community Manager

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