Just a small compilation for upcoming features to be implemented in the game:
  • World of dungeons where underworld's keeper can be used.
  • World of dungeons where fortress' soldiers can be used.
  • Guild-oriented fortress.
  • New content where the pet's levels give a bonus (e.g., 5 shadow pets at level 200 give x% bonus, while 8 shadow pets at level 200 give x+y% bonus). I would imagine a new fortress where a certain building would feature this.
  • Rework of the shadow guild-dungeons:
    Nerf the monsters.
    Improve the rewards.
  • A whole world of dungeons with their own epics and monsters (thematic epics/monsters)
  • Stop creating new "classes" with existing items (if you want to design a new class, create new items and/or abilities). And yes, I'm well aware of how new abilities would change the game mechanics.
  • Implement the new classes (assassin and battlemage) in upcoming dungeons.
  • Give some feedback to the community about upcoming plans for the game.
  • Just a personal opinion: I loved the pets mechanics (you can only collect them in certain dates or you have to achieve something in order to collect a pet) and the fortress designs (the more you advance in the fortress, the more shiny and well-designed are the buildings). Use that logic in upcoming features.