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Letter for Playa Games :)

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    Letter for Playa Games :)

    Hello people !

    I hope this message will be seen by all the players of S&F and try to do something big for us and convince Playa that communication is the key of success !
    Because I didn't post in a while and I was "lurkin" in the shadow, seeking the best for this game, here is what I can suggest and bring back from older posts, lets create a conversation here, not just watchin the thread and go away, let's do something for us this time, something bigger that will make Playa understand some things !

    I'm gonna start with the ideas of some players with direct links that need to be brought back to the light from the archives :

    Now, I will start with my old ideas before I will bring something new :

    Now, beside the pet idea that I mentioned and is new, here are the big ones :

    I think this is everything at the moment, if I will remember anything, I will do a new post in this thread, not gonna write it here, because people will miss it.
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    I understand that you want to do something other than a normal suggestion thread, but don't think I realy understood what it is that you want.

    From the list of suggestions that you brought back up I find some very interessting. For me as a longtime, highlevel player that completed almost everything it gets more and more boring and anoying to spend so much time doing quests and the few dungeons I have left open are not the thing that keeps me at it (aspecially because they need the one big luckshot anyway).
    The thing that realy keeps me at playing the game is my guild, but with each longtime companion leaving the game, I leave it a little bit more myself.

    For me it's therefore key that Playa does at least one of two types of upgrades in the course of the next months. Type 1: a guild update that strenghtens the guild cohesion, or Type 2: an update that further lowers the timeinvestment to play 300 Thirst.

    Hourglasses was a good first step, but for now I can only save them for days I could not play otherwise, meaning we need more of them. A suggestion that were given at the german forum some time ago was to give players a good package of them when buying shrooms, e.g. you get 300-3000 with the 3000 shrooms package. I guess that this would be a promising idea to consider for Playa.

    Your idea named Fast Thirst goes in this direction, but seems a little bit extrem from my perspective and not like something that would realy be considered.
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