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Battlemage - Worst Class in the Game

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    Battlemage - Worst Class in the Game

    Hey guys, after many years playing a toon over 450 on i created a new account on w27 just to try the new class.

    Now i'm almost level 300 and i feel like i'm playing the worst class possible, by far.

    Even if playa says "classes are balanced", they are not.

    First of all, a little resume on what we know about this class:

    - Same damage of a classic warrior
    - Same life points of a classic warrior
    - Fireball: damage for 33% of the lp if i'm the same level of my opponent, less if i'm above him
    - 50% armor (40+10)

    At first sight it might seem a very well balanced class:
    Warrior stats but no shield and no chance to block attacks.
    On the other hand we can see the fireball like "we hit him x times, we block x times".

    So, why it's not balanced? Why it's way worse than warrior?

    Dungeons are the answer. Oh, wait, let me explain better.
    Dungeons are meant to be hard. They have super high levels and most of the time you need a bit of luck to defeat the boss.
    And for a bit of luck i mean that a hunter probably have to avoid enemy's attacks 78 times in a row.

    Jokes aside, not being able to avoid or block any attack is a huge handicap.
    Scouts, assassins and warriors can have a lucky strike after many attempts and they can defeat the dungeon.
    Battlemages can't.
    Fireballs are super useless against monster with more than the double of their level.

    MOREOVER battlemages don't have a shield nor a "double stats wapon" nor two weapons. They have less stats than all the other classes!
    Classic mage can't block or avoid attacks, but in comparison with the battlemage it has an additional object and huge damages (+ crits!)

    SO, how can battlemages even compete at high levels?

    You dont believe me?
    Ask the top player sponsored by playa who deleted on w27.
    Or if you prefer go and look to the hof of w30. There are TWO battlemages in the top 100. Nobody wants to waste money on a trash classe and not be able to compete against other players.

    I believe this class need a serious re-work or at least some buffs.

    Guys, what do you think?
    Do you have any suggestions?