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A few minor change suggestions

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  • Leander
    Thanks for your suggestions!

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  • Gr3gYx
    started a topic A few minor change suggestions

    A few minor change suggestions

    I've been playing Shakes & Fidget for a while, and I feel that there are a few estatic changes that would help the players a little.

    1. Guild Fights & Defends
    I hope that it is not just me, who can't really see if there is a fight or defend or not. When there is no fight, it is transparent, if there is it is not, but it blends in with the background too much for me, please change that, give it a border like in the old one or something.

    2. Fortress Units' Training (and other slidebars)
    When you have to use a slider, like in the town guard's screen, or the gambler, now you have to actually click on the slider. Before I used to just somewhat click around it then position my cursor exactly where i wanted, like holding left mouse button before actually hovering over the slider does not work anymore. Can you maybe make it work again please?

    Thank you very much for your continous support of the game, which is facinating after these many years, and now the remaster too?! You have determination, and thank you for that.