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February Contest

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  • Leander
    Correct answers:

    Druid and Bard, Swoop, harp

    And the winners are:

    1st place: 50 + 3 = 53 КАПИТАН_КУКАН,
    2nd place: 40 + 3 = 43 Khass ,
    3rd place: 30 + 3 = 33 StirbLangsam ,
    4th place: 20 + 3 = 23 さっきーああ ,
    5th place: 10 ---

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  • Leander
    started a topic February Contest

    February Contest

    February Contest

    OMG, a treasure chest has been found!

    Rumor has it that it contains precious ! You cannot open it though as it is locked. You also find a letter with a riddle that reads as follows:

    Q1: What classes were/are tested in the first two closed beta tests?

    Q2: The Druid has a special eagle form with a very strong attack. What's its name?

    Q3: The Bard used to have three instruments to choose from. Now only one is left. Which one?

    Answer all questions and send them in a PM together with your account name and world!

    Important: if a solution is hidden in a background image, you need to look at the browser or Steam version of the game!
    If a certain item, monster, dungeon or text in general is required, switch to the English version of the game!
    The winners will be randomly selected! If there are less than 5 correct entries, the total will be shared among all correct entries!​​


    1st place: 50
    2nd place: 40
    3rd place: 30
    4th place: 20
    5th place: 10

    Good luck!


    Deadline: February 28

    How to participate & rules: Link

    Important: always submit your account name and server with your entry. Otherwise it won't be valid.​​​​​​​