Monthly Contests

In order to participate you have to answer one or more questions or complete other tasks and submit your entry via a private message: I wanna take part!
Please enter "Monthly Contest" as subject and send your answer(s), account name, email address and server* your account is on.
If you play on a US server, please enter "Monthly Contest US" as subject.


1st place: 50
2nd place: 40
3rd place: 30
4th place: 20
5th place: 10


1st place: 50
2nd place: 30
3rd place: 10

Among all correct and valid entries the winners will be randomly picked.
Have fun and good luck!

* The contest is restricted to all servers supported by this forum: UK, US, NL, SE, DK, IN, JP, RO, RU, AE + international W servers.

Only 1 entry per forum member! Creating additional accounts is against our rules and will be punished.