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    Maps of Shakes & Fidget

    Hello everybody,
    long time ago this image was found on Playa Games's website and many considered it an official map of S&F. Even though the image was deleted from the site, I found it, upscaled it and decided to mark all quest locations and almost all dungeons from the game on the map. When describing locations and dungeons, I was deciding based on their appearance in the game and on the map and their theme/surroundings. So here they are:

    Map of S&F quest locations

    Map of S&F dungeons

    I really enjoyed making these maps, so I hope you like them. If you have any questions about why I put something somewhere, feel free to ask.

    Cool! Would you be okay with us sharing those on SF social media channels? Any Facebook or Instagram profile, we should link to as reference?


      Yeah, I'm totally fine with that. It will be an honor Just please use my forum nickname as a reference.


        Thanks for your contribution!
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