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    Mitsy's Art Corner

    Hy all ^.^

    I enjoy drawing a lot and even though I mostly work on paper andpen due I don't have a drawing tablet for my comp sometimes I draw on my pc as well.

    I made so far a few random drawing and all.

    Anyhow I'm planning to do a few art and try to develop more on my skills here.

    So far I only draw linearts due I have problems with coloring... It's not easy with only mouse and keyboard...

    Well ^.^ Check the better works from me so far and please shar your opinions and advices with me on how to improve // which applications could come handy and such if you are into drawing as well :3

    PS.: I work kinda slow due my studies on my university but hope I can post a few works for this game soon :3

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    Nice. Did you draw them on your computer? I couldn't use just the mouse. As far as I know there are also USB-pencils that can be connected to your computer and you can draw with them as usual.

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      Yeah I draw them on my comp with keyboard and mouse... used Photoshop CS 4.11 for them.

      I haven't saw such pencils here.. sadly the country I'm living in ( Hungary ) is a bit behind on these stuffs and hard to get the usual gear too.. thus why I don't have a drawing tablet.
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        Greath drawings. about pencils Im using this for my school projects , but im dying for an free pencil, without table just u know, something like moving the pen in the air, tested one when i was at a convention, was greath :X