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    Back to S&F!

    Hi guys!

    I've played S&F in the past but for some reason I really don't remember I ended up deleting my account, which I terribly regret as all progress was lost. I think that at the time I wasn't ready to commit to a game. I was younger and back then I thought I didn't have the time. Now I'm older and I still don't have time and that's exactly why I decided to come back and give the game another go because not only it's an amazing game but also because it just takes the right amount of time and for someone that works a full time job and has a whole bunch of other responsibilities, it's perfect.

    So I'm from Portugal, I'm 37 years old and I have one account in the game at the moment:

    - Malachai Hemet, Battle Mage, International Server, W57. (Main account)

    Asides this, I work in IT as a HR Software Specialist, I am a former martial artist, I'm a TV show lover and I'm a social activist in my free time.

    ​​​Last but not least: Now that I'm back, I intend to play this game in the long run so any tips or tricks, feel free to drop them. Also please feel free to message me in game if anyone is currently in any of these servers.
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    Welcome back!
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