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Pega - a "Tigerpony"

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  • PegaLil
    Want some?
    *prepares parcel with cookies for Leander*

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  • Leander
    Hi and welcome! Where are the cookies?

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  • PegaLil
    started a topic Pega - a "Tigerpony"

    Pega - a "Tigerpony"

    My name is Lillie/Lily but you may also just call me as Pega, Pegi or Lil.

    What that title is about? It's simple. You saw that crazy woman named "Tigerlily" in this forum?
    She's my mum.
    And the pony is because of my "addiction" to my horse Pablo.
    (not a pony, but Tigerpony sounds better than Tigerhorse^^)

    Before I continue writing I want to point out, that I'm from Germany, so English is not my native
    language! Means, sometimes if there's anything terribly wrong in grammar or spelling, please
    forgive me. But let's hope for the best ...

    I looove music. I listen to Metal, Punk Rock and Metalcore and I also play instruments. First,
    I learned to play the flute for two years. But since last year's autumn I get lessons in playing the
    guitar, which is much more fun to me! I play the electric guitar since january and can't get
    Some of my favourite bands are Green Day, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Bullet For My Valentine,
    The Misfits aaand more.

    In the German forum I'm also known for baking.. I like to eat.. a lot.. and any kind of cookies,
    cakes, pies and so on are just heaven on earth.
    If you want to see some of my recipes just visit my thread in the German forum.
    If someone wants to know these recipes in English, tell me which and I'll try my best to translate it.

    There is much more I could tell you guys about me but at the moment I'm too lazy and too tired.
    Mhmm, tired. That's something important, in nine times out of ten I'll be tired.

    (It's about 01:30 AM in Germany now, so you may think I'm one of these stupid teenagers sitting in front of my computer all night long. I am not,
    we were at a celebration today and went home late.. so.. plz no hate. )

    If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask!

    Lots of love,
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