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Real-Life Tavern: Introduction Thread

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  • Leander
    Thanks! The game does not suck without me though.

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  • LapisUlami
    Since Leanders "Who is who?" thread is not open for us, I have to present a
    present for the coming Birthday here:

    From the time when the char description was big enough to see the background
    and mark "your" property, comes a present that I prepared for Leander. If I
    imagine how the game might have developed without our loved CoMa, I had to
    think about sheepworld. And so we come to this picture, with which I want to
    thank Leander for all his work. Once for the feedback that went from the
    community to Playa, but also for the feedback that came back. I wanted to
    present the picture straight at the birthday of SF, but after a big (or not so big)
    update, my little thank you might have perished under the flood of tirades of
    hate and love, that come with an update. So thank you Leander, I know how
    the game would be without you:

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  • MuratOzkan
    Hi, I'm Murat. I'm 26 years old and I'm a Turk.

    My profession as a swimming coach, playing sports has always been very important to me and my life has been built on that.I've had a game that's haunted me for a long time. what ? the answer here below

    Current Level :289
    Surver : INT 38

    I tried to make my character look like myself, unfortunately I don't have a special avatar.I've played the game at regular intervals for a long time.but this time, when I got mushrooms in the game, I found myself in competition.That made the game even more fun.I don't regret spending most of my time in SF, even though there are so many beautiful games in the world.I'll be here as long as the game goes on.I wish all players success, especially INT38.

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  • Leander
    Hi! My name is Leander, I'm 40 years old and from Austria. Apart from my work here (I've been around since the English version's early days), I am also in charge of the game's social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Steam. Moreover, I regularly drop by in the unofficial Discord channel.

    This is me in the game, but also in real life as my alter ego resembles me quite welll:

    Current level: 437

    I've been playing video games for almost 30 years now and yes, I love what I do. Apart from video games, I like playing board games with my friends, listening to and making music (mostly metal, but also rock, folk, classical music and other genres), writing poems, hiking and watching good movies and documentaries about nature and history.

    My favorite video games are Skyrim, Pinball FX3, Street Fighter V, Mario Kart, Spelunky, XCOM2, Worms WMD, Witcher 3, Slay the Spire, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Darkest Dungeon, Heroes of Might and Magic and many more.

    I challenge you to an epic duel!
    Where: dungeon 13, "The 13th Floor", opponent 14!
    When: any time

    Bring it on!

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  • Leander
    started a topic Real-Life Tavern: Introduction Thread

    Real-Life Tavern: Introduction Thread


    Although a lot of us come across the names of familiar players every day, both in the forum, game or in the Discord channel, names are just names. Feel free to post more about you here and also include your in-game avatar and server.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you!
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