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Not happy about the rollback

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    Not happy about the rollback

    So, about the rollback.

    You take away all that has been done, for a whole day, on an event day. And give 50 mushrooms as compensation. Just because some people got more than intended from the Hellivator.
    I didn't get any of those redicolous amouts of stuff, however, I did lose over gold, 15-20 mushrooms, about 10 various fruits and all the wood, stone, arcane crystals and souls, which I didn't count and other stuff I forgot about, but also lost.
    You rolled back the servers at such a late time, I had to go to bed and therefore, lost everything I had earned that day. And I bet there are a lot of people in the same situation.
    We lost more than that pathetic 50 mushroom compensation, just so you could have some people that benefited from a bug, not get more than other. Instead, you punished everyone. Good job Playa, good job [insert middlefinger emoji here]
    I'm normally a very civilized and easygoing guy, but when someone takes away my time spent and "compensates" me with what feels like a bowl of shit, I get pissed, so, **** you Playa.
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    Here's an idea for a compensation: 1 week, starting monday 00.00, ends sunday 23.59 (or something like that). ALL event are up.

    1 week, because I'm pissed about how you handled the situation.
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