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    Arena Manager Balancing

    You can finish the Arena Manager as a mushroomer in less than 260 days with only about 11k mushrooms,
    without any mushrooms/upgrades you would need at least 24.5 years.

    Playa has tried to rebalance the Arena Manager a few times in the past and increased the speed of the Arena Manager (AM) if you have collected a certain number of runes ( according to the players' knowledge, the fourth rebalancing was at least a x60 from e69).
    However, rebalancing has so far only ever resulted in mushrooming becoming cheaper and the AM for non-mushroomers still being very slow (e.g. the last third of the AM takes longer than the first two thirds combined).

    How to rebalance the Arena Manager better for non-power mushroomers (without making less money):

    The solution is: production speed increases that are time dependent,
    i.e. you don't make the Arena Manager faster based on a total number of runes, but you check the playtime and increase the production speed of the AM after X days accordingly.

    It is a kind of rubber banding and so for example the speed of the AM could double annually (365 days) (little compared to the other rebalances). The output of the mushrooms would not be changed/reduced by this and one would rebalance the AM sensibly.

    Doubling the speed of the AM every year should be technically possible. One could even retroactively check what was less long ago, the introduction of the AM or the account creation.

    It's kind of a win-win solution, you make the AM better for the players and Playa makes itself a bit more popular that way and also doesn't lose revenue by changing the AM on new servers.

    A large part of the players would welcome that with certainty.

    Thanks for your feedback!
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