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    New Dungeons

    Hello, I am really glad you added new dungeon, respective new 5 dungeons But, I think it would be better to unlock them every 2-4 months, not every next 5 Fridays. Because we almost or over 600lvl (and not just us) will complete all 5 light dungeons with 1-2 tries. And shadow we will have 7-9/10 for many years again. So just in 1 month and 1 week it will be again long pause of nothing (if you not plan something new or more dungeons, which it would be bit boring with shadow ones). And I think it is a bad idea to shoot all your work at that short time, because with that extended time we could be more interest and look forward for new one as kids for present. Or maybe unlock 1 floor at time in dungeons so it will be at least 50 weeks (1 light and 1 shadow each Friday). But it is just mine opinion, it is up to you and Playa Games.

    There will be dungeons for low to medium levels, but also some hard ones.
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