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Epic (during Extravaganza) lost due to receiving mount

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    Epic (during Extravaganza) lost due to receiving mount

    1) Bug description: what did you do when the bug occurred?
    During the Christmas event, I redeemed the promo code that gives the best mount (an upgrade to my raptor). Unfortunately, while redeeming, i was on a quest - and that's likely what triggered the bug. As a result, the thirst got shifted a bit, which resulted in me having to drink 1 beer to be able to access the first epic (for spending 100 thirst), and upon depleting the entire thirst (from all the beers), i was not able to access the second epic at all.

    2) Did you take a screenshot? Upload it to or
    No, the bug was not graphic.

    3) When did the bug occur (date and time)?
    Almost surely on 24th December 2021 - definitely during the event, though

    4) Did it repeat itself?

    5) Your browser, version number, installed addons, OS, Internet connection and provider
    Opera gx, 81.0.4196.61, none, Windows, no information

    6) Your account name and server
    Kian - s15 - czech

    7) What is your class?

    8) What is your in-game language?

    9) What did you do to keep the bug from repeating itself?
    it was a one-time deal, but next time, i'm not gonna redeem codes while on a quest

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