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Can't start wars nor see anything in HoF

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    Can't start wars nor see anything in HoF

    As the title states can't start a war nor can I see anything In the HoF. click the attack button and get nothing but dashes for Guild HoF list click on any tab in it I get the same.

    Devices used 2 laptops and an iphone xr.
    win 10 and win 8 as well as app
    browsers microsoft edge and chrome. been having issues all week where it would say cant connect to server and get an error pop up but would clear up after awhile.
    this is happening on all 3
    have fun, fight hard, die honorably

    yep. does not work on any of my devices either.

    *fixed now.

    **and nevermind you broke it again. what are you guys doing?
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