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Bugs in ranking

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    Bugs in ranking

    The ranking is full of bugs, it's total chaos. When you beat a rival, they are lowered; experience gained on missions also lowers your rank. It exists as a barrier that does not allow you to climb higher than a certain position. Lower tiers now have more power. The paradox is that with more experience points and a higher level, you end up ranked below players with less experience and a lower level. So it is impossible to be competitive. They don't want to continue playing because the efforts to compete are useless, we are at the mercy of the bugs that make this game insufferable.

    We have been enduring this situation for a month. I think our patience is wearing thin. If it continues like this I will cancel my account after many years in the game.

    How is it possible that you keep opening new worlds and making Hellevators without having solved the bugs? It is disappointing that it seems that the only important thing is money.

    W20 INT

    The Hall of Fame might take a while to refresh. Moreover, as a lot of players are fighting at the same time, it is a constant up and down.

    Please send a bug report so we can look into it:
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