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Server cannot be reached - I am sick of it

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    Server cannot be reached - I am sick of it

    I am getting more and more frustrated. Playing since W45 launched and everything was fine. Then W55 launched. W45 was still running on the old backend while W55 launched with the new backend. Besides the fact that newly launched servers always get overwhelmed, W55 was running so much worse in comparision to W45. The complaints about the new backend where already present when it got released to other servers.
    Then W45 got the new backend as well and everything went downhill from then on out. Constant logouts / kicks to the character selection while playing, springled in some "Server cannot be reached" and bigger lags than before became the norm. It got better but never reached old backend performance in my opinion.

    Which brings me to now... I am sitting here at home after work and want to do all my tasks and use the St. Patrick Day event but W45 and W55 are not connecting. They are constantly showing "Server cannot be reached". (Writers note: they came back to life while finishing this post)

    I contemplated often whether I should restock my shrooms or not. I kept doing it because at that time it was running better. But every time I got proven wrong because shortly after that lags and connections issues came back.
    Oh, and don't get me started on the Hellevator events in that time period....

    But I think that's it now. I am done. I'll not pay a dime anymore.

    Sorry to hear. Did you send a support ticket? It might be related to your router settings. If playing on your phone, try using data instead of wifi as this might fix the problem.
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      Yeah. Great idea to blame the customer. We dont do that at my job, just saying.
      My connection is fast (80k) and stable and is running just fine while S&F is unplayable.

      Connection dropouts happen again just now. Its nict to not be able to play on a weekend during an event. And if the connection is not lost completely, it is a lagfest...