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bugs in remastered version

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    bugs in remastered version

    Hello so I've been playing for over a week under new version and i want report a few bugs that i found:

    1) fights in twister they are not saved by default. i always after win must mark checkbox for save battle. probably in dungeons it's the same but now i cant check this (all monsters are too strong)

    2) timer for fighting pets. i use in options "always show timer" and after i win fight in pets in flash version it was countdown 15 minutes for next fight in remastered version it`s countdown 1 hour or time what i have for rent raptor or griffin. I think it will be better if time to rent will show after all 5 fights in pets and between pets fights countdown like in flash version 15 minutes.

    3) arena fights. every day i am doing 10 area fight and i noticed that many times i do not get exp points after win. fox example today in area I defeated the same opponent twice and for first win with this player i got my exp point but for second fight with the same player i dont get anything. in flash version in area i can win with the same player 2-3 times and i always get exp point

    4) hall of fame. when I look in hall of fame other guilds they always have 0 knights. and again when I checked flash version it works and always display how many knights other guilds have

    5) flying tube. when i click flying tube for watch advertising after i watch and get my lucky coins (green font) i close the window with ads and i must click again in tube because it is not disappear itself and i must click again in tube and now the flying tube will gone. in flash version flying tube was disappear itself after i watch advertising and close window

    6) mail/battles. in mail when i have report with fortress defense it missing space before player name. now i have in mail some like this: "Fortress defensePlayerNick" instead "Fortress defense PlayerNick"

    7) underground fight. when i click the button "lure hero" nothing happens. in past when i check remastered version it works good so i dont now it's a new bug after latest patch or the level of our top1 (499 lvl) it is a problem here. so now when i want fight in underground i must attack our top1 from hall of fame and choose an option "lure this player into underground" and after first fight the button "lure hero" in underground will work property.

    8) blacksmith. no information how much refund will be given for upgraded items if i want dismantling this item

    9) tavern. in english language summary windows after ending task looks good without bug but when i change in game language to Polish then inscription "PROGRESS:" in polish it is "PODSUMOWANIE:" does not fit in one line. so in first line i have "PODSUMOWA" and in second line below i have "NIE:" it would be good to increase the number of characters in one line that a longer inscription could fit. and this bug appears in all summary window when we win in: guild fights, area fights, fortress attack, pets fights and dungeons

    all reported bugs i check in latest Firefox and chrome version.
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    Big thumbs up! Great to have this list of all the bugs! I would also add that we still don't have the option to check the 3 quest options when on city guard.

    Also (only Steam app) there is always the message saying "Steam integration not available"


      Tower's companions' weapons don't show the double attributes of the gem


        When I'm on tower, if I click the X button to go back to the dungeons screen, instead I go back to the main page of the game (City screen)


          Thanks for your reports!
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            today I managed to defeat the monster in the dungeon and "save the fight" as I suspected there also does not work :/
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              - about arena fight i noticed that i dont receive exp points after win when i defeats the opponent first with one stroke (one critic hit and i do not lose any hp points)
              - about dungeons i have 100% sure that "lure hero" button don't work when top1 hero have 499 lvl and above because on other server where top1 has lower level this button works
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                thx Leander latest patch was very surprising and fixed almost all reported bugs!

                it only remains to be repaired few small things:
                1) space character in messages when fortress was attacked or we attack in fortress somebody (Atak na twierdzę/Obrona twierdzy). the problem occurs only in Polish game language. here is the screenshot


                2) fight in dungeons are still not saved by default

                3) arena fights
                first fight on arena 7:34 with player 2Litry i win and got exp points
                second fight after 10 minutes 7:44 with the same player 2Litry i win and dont get any exp points :/
                as you can see this fight was on arena one after another and it was only the 4 of 10 so still if we defeat the same opponent we dont get anything

                4) in hall of fame "level" and "honor" columns overlap (in Polish Poziom/Cześć)
                anyway good work!
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                  Originally posted by Apollo View Post
                  When I'm on tower, if I click the X button to go back to the dungeons screen, instead I go back to the main page of the game (City screen)
                  Still happening, even after the update.
                  Also, not sure if it's really a bug or not, but my items don't show how many crystals/stones they are worth.


                    I would add 2 bugs:

                    When you start a fight, the first attack (I notice it in dungeons so it's always me) doesn't have any sound.

                    When you kick a member from your guild (the member needs not to be the lowest level) all the stats (Hall of Knights, potions, inactivity) get messed up because the member dissappears but their stats remain, so the member below it now has the stats of the ex-member, etc.