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Underworld max resources bugged

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    Underworld max resources bugged

    So, my heart of darkness is at level 13, I need +7 million souls to upgrade it to level 14, and the max souls I can collect (not including souls from fights), is +/- 4 million?

    However, in other account, where I have my heart of darkness at level 12, its max limit is around 9 millions.

    EDIT: is not a visual bug, as I can't collect souls from my extractor; this is happening in both old and new steam versions, and browser old version (didn't test it on remastered)
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    If you exceed the limit you can't collect souls from extractor, but you can still gain them with attacks. Also limit of souls depends on level of extractor so you should upgrade it probably.


      Yes, I just noticed that
      Sorry for the spam then, can someone delete this?


        The last part from the previous guy's comment.

        Underword soul capacity always was depending on the level of soul extractor and not on the lvl of the main building. Pretty sure your soul extractor is underleveled compared to your heart of darkness, that's why you can collect only that much.

        Edit: Sry for the late reply, just noticed you already replied.