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compare items and spoken messages options not remembered

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    compare items and spoken messages options not remembered

    It's been bothering me for a long time that the compare items option is not retained. I turn compare items on in the options, and the next time I log in, (or perhaps the next time the server is reset,) the option is back off. Sorry I haven't reported this until now. However, what brought me to it, is that the same thing is happening with the new voices. I find them really annoying, but if I turn them off, the next time I log in, they're back on. Maybe this has something to do with cookies on my browser, or something, but this has not worked in a long time.
    Thanks for your help.

    Please include all required details.

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      1) Bug description: what did you do when the bug occurred?
      Turned on the option (either voices off, or compare items on.)

      2) Did you take a screenshot? Upload it to or
      Doesn't seem useful.

      3) When did the bug occur (date and time)?
      Repeatable each time I turn the options on.

      4) Did it repeat itself?

      5) Your browser, version number, installed addons, OS, Internet connection and provider
      Microsoft edge, windows, latest versions of both windows, and edge.
      internet connection is xfinity.

      6) Your account name and server
      SteveL, international 1

      7) What is your class?

      8) What is your in-game language?

      9) What did you do to keep the bug from repeating itself?