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Weapon attribute changing

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    Weapon attribute changing

    before starting esxcuse me for some rough english here and there. It's not my native language.
    I'm playing an assassin on international 27. I often "lost" some strength weapons for my buddy Bertram in the tower dungeon. Yesterday i just realised how.

    I used some mushrooms to buy a weapon with strength and a socket for Bertram because his weapon is outdated. I always switch the new and old weapon multiple times to compare the stats and dmg increase. After switching the new weapon back into my inventory the strength switches to dexterity. It's not just a visual bug. Before I just always thought im confused as my strength weapons were "lost" but now I know where all the dexterity weapons in my inventory came from.

    New weapon to equip:

    Equiped weapon to see attribute/dmg changes:

    Switch back to compair with old weapon again. Ohh. The strength turned to dexterity:

    You might have realised the skin (color) of the weapon after the attribute change is a different one. I tried it with like 2 or 3 strength/socket weapons yesterday and it always worked after switching it around 1-3 times. I also tried this with a Intelligence or Luck weapon but this didn't work. Also strength without a socket didn't work.
    I'm not sure if I used a weapon gained by this bug in the past. Wasn't intentional as I just figured it out now how this happens. Did not use the weapons gained by it yesterday,
    If this is somehow intentional and I just don't understand the logic behind it why it works with strength but not the other attributes someone might be able to explain it.

    Kind regards

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