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Blacksmith Display bug

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    Blacksmith Display bug

    When you upgrade an item in the blacksmith lets say for example x1 or x2, you receive a new value that it reports will be returned to you in metal and crystals. However the value reported it NOT what you actually get. I am not sure if this is new or not, but traditionally it made sense to upgrade normal items 1 time before smithing them and epics two times before smithing, to gain a small increase in crystals. Perhaps all along I trusted what the game told me it was going to give me, when in reality it was shortchanging me, and actually making it not worth it to do the upgrades.

    Either way there is a bug in what it tells you it will give vs what you actually get if you upgrade the items.

    Can you post a screenshot please? Items show two what you get for dismantling an item, one what you get for selling an upgraded item.
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