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Loss of Rune

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    Loss of Rune

    Ok so I sacrificed my arena to get the one rune offered yesterday and got the 5% $ boost.
    This morning I had another offer for one rune so I took it, this should have given me 2 runes, but It only shows 1 rune and 5% $ boost..
    What gives? I thought they were supposed to be additive?
    They are not stacking.

    USA Server #1

    * Just another "Rounding" error?

    Tho 1 rune should be 1 rune and not 0.9995 rune..
    This is just bad math..
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    Well after three sacrifices I have 2 runes..
    Bad math combined with bad coding,,,
    Yea sure they did not have to make this addition to the game, but if your gonna add something make sure it works first..


      It is a rounding issue. For example, 2 runes are displayed but upon clicking the button, you receive only 1. The reason for this is that you might only have had 1,95something runes. If you click your completed runes are added, 1 in this case as you do not have 2. However, 2 are displayed due to rounding up. This is a known issue and we will fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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