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    Speedwagon from International 30
    For half a month now I tried to kill some bosses in the 13th floor. Each time I was close, but because of the lack of potions I did not have enough damage or health.

    However, with the release of Halloween event, I was lucky and got to stock up potions, and i was able to kill these bosses, but the event, as I understand it, changed loot system to drop halloween items, and the loot i got from the first boss was a mage hat that gave only armor.

    I did not immediately notice this phenomenon thinking that I was unlucky, and then went to clean the rest of the bosses who i could not kill before.

    All the loot I received didn’t even have armor stats no stats at all, I asked the guild and they observed the same phenomenon and could not give an answer.

    And now I want to know if this was intended? If so, then should i wait until the event passes so that I can get normal items with stats? I think if I continue this i can slow down my progress very much.

    In advance I'm sorry english is not my native language.


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    playing on flash?
    if yes, change version.


      It is a known bug. Everything is fine in Remastered though. We try to fix the Flash version but only client-wise. If it is not possible, a fix isn't either as all future updates are for Remastered only as announced in our "The Future of Shakes & Fidget" post in July:

      By the way, the item should still add its bonus. It is only a display error, but the boost is correctly added.
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        Yes, I switched to the rems version and saw the stats, thanks for the help