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Please consider those with bad eyesight re remastered version

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    Please consider those with bad eyesight re remastered version

    Hi there

    My eyesight sadly is not great.

    There are many good things about the remastered version of S&F that I like very much. However, I wish:-

    1.) Font sizes were a little larger. Even 1 size larger would make a great difference to readability for me.

    2.) Some typeset is very hard to read due to the colors used, eg pets - grey and grey shades, + numbers look similar. Dark blue, on a dark blue or black background, is also hard to read.

    The Flash version I find is easier to read, so I spent more time online there in the past.

    Thanks for a great game.

    Best wishes,

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    I agree with font size and colors bad eyes and needing bi-focals just too hard to read parts of the game. new arena manager is one have to at times take glasses off and put my nose almost touching the screen to read it.

    one vote here for easier reading.
    have fun, fight hard, die honorably


      Yes! I too have problems, red on black background as well as small font. It would be A LOT easier if we could zoom in. This way, you wouldn't have to change the size of all text boxes. It would also be good with the graphics, there is a lot of work in the details there, and I can't see any of it without a magnifier...