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    Time displayed IOS

    Hi, I would just like to report that since last update, the displayed timers in castle are wrong, I don't know why sometimes you see a countdown from 1min to 0 but the real countdowns are like, 23:32:21... or even days.
    It does it every day since this last update.
    Would appreciate to have good timers displayed
    Ps: At least, they don't blink, when the false timer is done, the right one takes his place back so it isn't that much annoying.
    But whatever, this is a bug so i report it
    Peace NthraX
    NthraX, FR & EN Belgian player

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    (new main account top8 on W35)

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    (old account)

    I'm back from a long break, ready to shroom until it... shrooms

    I have also seen that, but the timer to change the fortress opponent (5min, if you want before, you must pay gold) is also shown. So if you change the opponent, the fortress button will show that 5min countdown too. I am not sure, however, if that's always the case or there is a separate bug, but I have also seen a >5sec countdown way too often.