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Unable to Lure Hero W17 Please help

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    Unable to Lure Hero W17 Please help

    Hi there

    I am on W17. For me Lure Hero is not working today.

    When I hover my cursor over Lure Hero i see 0/15 confirming that no hero's have been lured).

    Clicking Lure Hero, brings me to my Hall of Fame showing my rank, name, guild, level, honor.

    My other server character is fine and has no issues on a different server.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue???

    I have checked with my guild. I am NOT the only one having this problem today, as was confirmed in guild chat where i posted also.

    The issue is not with my computer.

    I restarted my computer after clearing cookies and cache.

    Best wishes - Howie
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    If you select a person manually from the list and take the blue crossed swords from their '+' list of icons you can attack them as before, and just spam Enter like normal.

    It seems to be an anomaly of the free level from the calendar. Along with the guild list not updating the level correctly until you gain a level normally from XP.

    Also levelling up sub 393 doesn't update the XP required for the next level correctly.


      It is a bug we will fix soon.
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        yeah when i clicked to lure went to HoF and highlighted me. thankfully the target is 1 spot down so didnt have to search him out. s3 US
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        have fun, fight hard, die honorably