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    Level up Bug

    Hello, i don't have any screenshot or any evidence about it, but my level was 442 and needed just about 20-30 million to level up and when the 20th day reward came my level was still 442 with no exp (the bar was saying -1b and 300 million exp which is now corrected tho, but still 442level with no exp). Anything similar to someone else? I'm playing at S4 Greece and my browser is opera
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    I can provide videos with arena fights from previous day. Level remains the same as day before but exp is 0.

    Good job, good job.


      I have the exact same issue on Hungarian S15 server. Level stay the same but XP got reverted to zero.

      This level up thing was working OK in the previous month.


        This just happened to me on Was level 463, a little bit from level 464. After getting the level up bonus, I am level 463 still with ZERO exp...

        My heros are all still 463 and I cant level them up. So the +1 level bonus, removed nearly a full level from me...

        Maybe a code error for characters over a certain level?



          Same here, bummer. Was about to hit the next lv too with few mln away, lol.
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            Just hope when the bugs fixed, the stolen near two levels are restored...




              No comments) After relog exp 0, no lvl up.

              thanks for update.



                1. Description of the bug. What was your last action in the game before the bug occurred?

                Stamp calendar door 20 opened. As a result, the experience points were set to 0 for some (including me) instead of crediting a level.

                Edit: As can be seen in the video, I lose more than 1.5 billion experience points. I guess the variable overflows?
                It may also be related to the level again, therefore: Level 480 and Level 452
                ... Or with the current status of experience points, in the video you can see that I was missing <125 million experience. For the other char, I am not sure of the original status.
                ... I continue my theory: maybe it concerns the people whose sum of current experience points and required experience points for the levelup result in a value that is higher than (2 ^ 32) / 2 = 2 147 483 648 ? So far in our guild it works (So with XP Cap you would have to have> 647 483 648 XP to be affected by the bug).

                @ Affected: please add level and original XP level.

                2. Have you been able to take a screenshot?
                I made a video on another server and the same problem there. So here is a video:

                3. When did you find the bug?
                Just now.

                4. Did the bug repeat?
                Hope not. ^^

                5. Game version number (s)?
                CLIENT V3.047.200406.4, GIELWELT V1759

                6a. Your browser incl. Version number and installed add-ons, operating system, internet connection and provider
                Google Chrome 81.0.4044.113 64bit, I'll save the information about the add-ons.
                Win10 1909 64bit

                6b. Your app version, device name including version number of the operating system, normal or classic app, internet connection and provider

                7. What is your player name and on which game world did the bug occur?
                Minidave, S1 DE
                Davelein, W1 Int

                8. Which character class do you play?

                9. Which game language have you set?
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                  It happened this morning on my account on NL2.
                  I almost reached lvl 495 last night.
                  This morning I should have leveled by the calender.
                  But instead I was 'awarded' with a fresh new start of lvl 494.
                  I send a ticket to support and hope this will soon be fixed!
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                    I am affected as well. I was at lvl 440,7 and now instead of 441,7 I am on 440,0.


                      I went from 1338 millions to 0 - and obviously lost the level up as well.


                        The guild has 3 categories of players:
                        1. level increase
                        2. no level increase
                        3. No leveling up and zeroing the experience to zero.



                          I have the same problem.
                          I play in the world 20 Int. Level 443 (my heroes too).
                          Not only did I not go up to level 444 but I lost all the accumulated experience.


                            The same for me. From lv 401 and 500m to 401 and 0. Int w3


                              Same problem. I was about halfway through lvl 420, now reset to the start of the same level. At least one other 400+ in our guild has the same problem (Black Angels, server uk2).